Inflatable attraction
Red Square

Our giant over-the-top jumping Red square features three main attractions zones: slide, labyrinth, and inflatable climbing wall. 

We didn't want to see bored parents around while their children had fun jumping and bouncing. So we decided it would be quite cool to install a jumping area big enough for Mum and Dad to play on with the kids. 

This big colorful beast full of bounce and fun makes a real stand up impression on kids and adults. There’s guaranteed never to be a dull moment!


  • For adults and kids from 6 years old
  • Maximum weight: 143 lb (65 kg)
  • Height: from 3'4'' to 6' (from 105 cm to 185 cm)
  • Maximum 10 people at a time
  • Children should be under the supervision of a parent/adult



Overturns and any type of acrobatics
To play rough, hold or push other people