Indoor attraction area
Rocodromo Climbing Wall

In our Laguna SOV park we have numerous attractions that are not only fun, but also beneficial to our health.

One of these attractions is our climbing wall Rocodromo. It is very difficult to exaggerate the benefits of this sport that:

1- Helps children to combat sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity.
2- Allows kids to develop the psychomotor coordination of their eyes, arms and legs.
3- Improves agility and balance.
4- Develops the skill of making decisions.
5- Helps children to be more independent.
6- Helps children to get self-confidence.
7- Children who practice climbing improve their flexibility and endurance.
8- This practice helps children to combat stress, nervousness and excess energy, favoring their relaxation.
9- Climbing, if practiced in a group, also helps children to socialize, developing cooperation and trust.


  • For kids from 5 to 15 years old
  • Maximum weight: 138 LB (63kg)
  • Maximum height: 5'4 '' (165 cm)
  • Children must be under the supervision of an adult/parent
  • Must wear sports shoes
  • Must wear protective helmet and safety cable
  • Must always maintain a safe distance on his climbing route

To start climbing without receiving instructions